A World of Empowerment and Growth – Get what you want by knowing who you are!

I am Renata and I build Ideal Careers by helping professionals break through “glass ceilings” and seamlessly transition into any promotion position you may have your eye on.

Ideal Careers happen by Design – So why not create the life and career you really want. Let me help you build your Ideal Career.

What changes have occurred  in your circumstances that are causing you to reconsider your current career status? Is it time to reboot your career?

Whether it’s starting a business, becoming a freelancer or consultant, changing careers, pivoting post-redundancy, or returning to work after a long time away (such as parental leave or travel), let me support you to find, create, and love the work that you do in the world.

I work with clients to get crystal clarity and laser focus on what they want to do next, and help them make this a reality. I am passionate about reconnecting people  with their professional selves so that they can enter a career they love!

Reconnect with your strengths, values and motivations.

Many of my clients are well qualified and were successful in their careers prior to taking a sabbatical or even a parenthood pause. You are brilliant  and have so much to contribute! I would love to help you feel valued and make a difference.

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With best wishes