Who is Renata

Career Development Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

Hi! I’m Renata. I do not have a rags-to-riches story about how I survived some personal dramatic event and clawed my way out of the doldrums, to share with you.

What I do have though is a 20 year journey to share with you. A journey which began with the realisation that people are more fascinating than I ever thought.

I wanted to know more. I wanted to know their stories, their dreams, what drives them forward and what holds them back. Through this amazing journey of discovery I also discovered that there was so much I wanted to learn about myself.

This was were my journey into the world of Empowerment began. Learning about why we make decisions and why we don’t. Discovering the reasoning behind our views on the world and the opinions we hold; what informs our beliefs, what keeps us fearful and why we take risks all held a fascination for me and I wanted to know the answers.

After years of accumulating qualifications and accolades; of travelling the world, I decided it was time to hang up my corporate suit forever and share my experiences and maybe …just maybe help a few people find their place in the sun.

Today I am a Qualified Career Development Coach & NLP Master practitioner.

While people are fundamentally good, there are those who are shaped by desperate circumstances  and dire conditions who will take what doesn’t belong to them violently or otherwise. After an attempted hijacking  and a home invasion a few years ago, I realised that intellectual and emotional empowerment were not the only need and so my journey into personal safety training began.

Today, I design and facilitate programs for teens and adults both in personal safety and in Career Development because “if you don’t empower every aspect of your life you will be subordinate to what others think is best for you” – Dr John Demartini.

I realized empowering people in every aspect of their life is my purpose.

​Through Career Development Coaching,Personal Self-defense training, NLP Practices and Empowerment Workshops, I work with adults and teens to tap into their inner power, acknowledge their value,  let go of self-limiting beliefs, shift to a Positive Mindset and live their Best-Lives.