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Resilience – Super Glue of the Psyche

You know you are having one of those months when the crow’s feet have turned into vulture’s claws, when your sense of humour has completely failed you and you feel like you are stuck in some bizarre combination of the twilight zone and groundhog day. You get times like that don’t you? My current blame …

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Coaching Package to Choose From

During these unprecedented times we all need a little help. Here are a few packages which may tickle your fancy and provide some help along the way to redefining your normal.. If any of these sound like something you may be interested in doing click here to connect with me and we can schedule a …

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Change your thinking

4 Short Stories that Will Change the Way You Think

The past week has been an interesting one, filled with both joy and sorrow.  As is want to happen the new week arrived in all its magnificence and serendipitously, I found these Four Stories that gave me pause to reflect. These are old familiar stories and you have probably read them before with slightly different …

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Make dreams come true

Goal Setting is the thing to do right…Wrong! – Part 2

Part 2… So I am not saying that goals are bad things and you should avoid them. If goals work for you then go for it For a lot of us, a goal can be the tool that sets our direction and inspires us to keep going. But when I look back at the way …

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Goal Setting is the thing to do right…Wrong! – Part1

  This is Part 1 of 2   Goal-setting seems like a smart thing to do in a career change. However, this might actually be exactly what is keeping you stuck. Renata explains why big targets can be a false friend. Here is what she recommends doing to start making progress towards that Ideal Career …

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promotion problems

Transitioning back to work after lockdown

Staying mentally healthy as the country begins going back into workplaces. Life as we knew it has changed and our reality is very different today than it was 100+ days ago. Many of us were in various stages of lockdown for extended periods of time. and even as many of the initial restrictions were lifted …

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How to build resilience and cope with stress

What is Resilience? We all demonstrate resilience in some form or the other at some point in our life. This is a very ordinary and normal process we all go through when we need to rebuild our life. Being resilient does not mean that we do not experience difficulty or distress, emotional  pain or sadness. …

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What is an Ideal Self and How to achieve it?

‘Who is your hero?  ‘I thought about it and answered…”it’s me in ten years time”. Ten years late I was asked the same question by the same person Who is your hero? ‘Again I thought about it and answered…”it’s me in ten years time” – Mathew McConaughey What Exactly is an Ideal Self? An ideal …

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Are you stuck in “Perfectionism” Trap

  Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough. – Julia Cameron Perfectionism… “To be, or not to be?” That is, the ultimate question! There are certainly arguments for and against it. Those who support …

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