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5 important ways to get through job loss quickly

I have Coached Over 200 Career Transitions — Here is A Routine That Helps People Bounce Back Faster Losing your job takes a serious toll on your confidence and stirs up all kinds of unpleasant emotions. Realistically though, it is likely that we’re going to face some kind of job loss or significant job change …

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Here are 5 Quick & Easy Tips to beat Cabin Fever

We are living in a surreal time where the clear divide between work and home have blurred. Life has taken on a timelessness with the structure of clear deadlines  or dedicated places to get to by certain times all but gone. Students may have wished for exams to be over or mid-term breaks to arrive …

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How To Take Control Of Your Career Development In 6 Easy Ways

The DIY concept is not new. We have DIY for home improvements, personal makeovers, self help, and pretty much any every art or creative activity known. There are instructional videos, plugins, plug and play option to do just about anything you can think about and we are so comfortable with this. We don’t think it …

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7 key benefits of Career Transition Coaching

Career transition at senior level is difficult as there are only a few available opportunities and plenty of very tough competition. More and more senior managers and executives are using career coaches to gain competitive advantage. Many of the best business leaders engage executive coaches. Career coaching can help executives navigate career transition quickly and …

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5 Unexpected ways promotions make your life harder

A promotion at work often brings status, power, and hopefully, a raise. However there are often unanticipated downsides to promotions, which we are seldom aware of until we are in the new position.   Here are 5 things that I did not expect to come with a job promotion. We often think that a promotion will bring more money, …

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10 Easy Tips To Make A Promotion Smooth Sailing-Guaranteed

There are many professionals out there who stay in their jobs (even if they don’t like them) just because they are afraid to start a new role with a new employer. It is understandable that applying for and accepting a new role [which may also be in a new organisation] can be overwhelming. Adapting to …

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The Problem with Promotions: 5 Tips for Moving into Management

Well done you have  been promoted! Congratulations! All that hard work and focus has finally paid off. You are in your first leadership role. It truly is something to be proud of. A lot of people want to be promoted. They want the recognition that they have done a good job. However, a lot of …

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Warning: 5 Unexpected Changes that come with a Promotion

  Promotions come with several changes many employees don’t consider until they’re in their new role. Every year when companies schedule their annual performance reviews, there are discussions about promotions. Promotions come with several changes many employees don’t consider until they’re in their new role. In my work with CEOs, one of the most common …

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7 Ways To Revamp Your Resume For A Leadership Position

Are You a Prime Candidate for a Mid-level or Senior leadership Role? If so, you have to shake up the way you tailor your resume for that position. The way recruiters and hiring managers look for leadership candidates is slightly different t the way they search for candidates in other roles. Before you apply for …

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