Christina, S

I started working with Renata a few months ago. She is the third or fourth coach I have worked with . There were a few things she helped me with. One was understanding my methodology for my business and in the space of about 15 min she was able to hone in on exactly what it was I had spent the previous few days trying to articulate. She made it sound so easy and so focused. I was simply blown away. The second thing she helped me with was my beliefs. I have spent years in psycho-therapy dealing with a range of trauma including PTSD. In a matter of weeks she had me shift my thinking and unpack a few fundamental questions which I struggled with and forces me to face some home truths about what I believed and what was other people’s beliefs super-imposed onto me. Was it easy – absolutely not. It was however more necessary than I realised and now some three months into our work together I am finally starting to feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and I can start living again. Best decision I have ever made.



Kanya, N

When I started working with Renata I had just left a well-paying corporate job to start my own business and was about six months into this endeavor. I was facing a few tough decisions around bedding down my business and Renata helped my make some crucial decisions about what was important for me and my family as far as my business was concerned. She asked some pretty tough questions which sounded easy until I needed to answer them. I was amazed at how focused she was able to help me get and to hone in on the absolutely important things that were necessary rather than the superficial stuff that looked important. Thank you Renata for the amazing insight and the clarity I was able to get to. Your focus and ability to ask those tough question to get the important stuff has made all the difference.

Thank you


Daisey, S

What an intuitive coach Renata is. I struggled and she made it sound like it was all going to be okay and she was right. Some clear decisions and some tough questions later and I was on track to being able to fit a job and a family and a personal life all in. The focus was simply amazing.


Christopher, J

Wow, Wow, Wow – what an amazing journey of rediscovery and learning my time spent with Renata was. If I am honest she saved my life. I was on a road to nowhere fast and when I finally made the decision to take action and start working with Renata I realised that it was by far the best decision I have made and the best investment in myself, ever. Renata is tough and she makes you answer some really tough questions and it can be really uncomfortable at times but it is also the best thing you can do for yourself , for your career and for your life. Her focus is unparalleled and she has the ability to hone in on the important stuff quickly. If you want results and you want to make some serious changes in your life she is definitely the go-to person for that.


Malusi, N

After only a few sessions of working with Renata I was able to find my voice and get heard by my colleagues and my bosses. I got promoted only three months after we finished working together – and this after being very concerned that I was actually going to get booted out. Renata methods are focused and clear and they make sense. She gets straight to the issue no candy coating and the results are there for all to see.


Thandiwe, M

Renata is super focused, super clear no nonsense and she holds you accountable at every step – I needed that to move to the next level and I did. She can do the same for you .