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Goal Setting for the New year

The count down has begun – Did you realise that 2020 is a mere six weeks away.

Have you found yourself doing this?

Ten days before the new year I found myself reflecting on the upcoming year. Like every year before I found myself setting goals for the next year…

Yip, I was that person: In the New Year I will…  get back to the gym – I really need to loose a few and get fit (again). Stop drinking coffee / stop smoking (again). Get that spare room re-purposed and clear out the garage – that stuff really must go! etc… etc…

Does it all have to happen from the 1st of January? Not really, I can just as well start tomorrow. Often when we get inspired and motivated we get obsessed with life changing transformations instead of building good healthy habits and routines which will take us where we want to go over time.

That’s the most common mistake we all make and I have been guilty of this as much as anyone.

I have subsequently discovered that I make more progress by focusing on lifestyle behaviours.

SO …What is a lifestyle behaviour?

  • Doing CrossFit games is life changing however working out 3 times a week every week is a lifestyle behaviour.
  • Clearing out that spare room or garage for re-purposing in one day would be life changing however clearing out one box an evening two or three time a week  is a lifestyle behaviour.
  • Tossing that pack of smokes or going cold-turkey on the coffee would change your life however incrementally cutting down on the quantity of cigarettes or coffee every week is a lifestyle behaviour.

You see what I mean? The typical approach we often take is to dive into the deep-end  as soon as you get a dose-of-motivation, only to fail quickly and wish we had more will-power as our new habit drowns.

A more sustainable approach I have discovered is to start slowly and progressively find your way into the deeper end whether you are motivated or not.

One method I simply love is Creating a Vision Board for those things I want to achieve and here is WHY? Creating a Vision Board provides


Choosing images, words and phrases to incorporate onto our board allows us the chance to reflect, to focus, and to be specific about what we want.


Having a vision board to look at each day reminds us of our goals and intentions, elevates our awareness, and focuses out energy toward those things.


Seeing our intentions laid out visually helps make them to be more real, more tangible and more achievable. It places them closer within our reach


Once we have created our vision board, our intentions are out there, giving ourselves the chance to let go and let the universe do its thing


Lean into the ritual of it. Invite friends and make it a party. Light a candle, put on some good music, and enjoy the process.

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