Personal Life or Career Coaching?

Whether you are looking at doing some Personal Life Coaching or Career Development Coaching this is a partnership between YOU (client) and ME (coach).

I will provide you with proven tools and skills to enable you to realise your goals and dreams. I will provide a supportive, caring and challenging environment where the focus is totally on you and what is best for you. I m here to help you gain focus and assists you to achieve your goals and dreams. I am here to help you through setbacks and celebrates your victories with you. I am here to hold you accountable for achieving what you want because I see the greatness within you. I am as committed as you are, and usually even more so, to helping you realise all that you can be.

I am here help you to understand what holds you back and what enables you to push past your self-imposed limitations and  limiting beliefs that get in the way. I am here to keep you focused on your goals when everyday life threatens to take your focus off your end results.

Do you dream of a much healthier and happier life for yourself?

Deep within you know there is a far better way. As a result, you feel this burning desire within to make a change. You may have already tried You may have already tried. Sometimes, it can feel like all your efforts take you in circles because, they don’t bring the lasting change you want. Perhaps, you are unhappy in your career or the prospect of making a change you know is necessary but it’s just too …well scary.

If it doesn’t scare you it’s not big enough and it is absolutely is okay to a feel a little afraid of change. You see you can truly thrive as the person you are meant to be, in a life you deserve.

Professionals across sectors have coaches who help them become the best – now you can too.


The Benefits of having your own Personal Coach:

  • Greater career satisfaction and success
  • More confidence and self-belief
  • Clarity around what you want in life
  • Increased capacity for making positive changes in your life
  • Development of your own personal success formula
  • Understanding the fast track to goal achievement
  • Enhanced decision-making skills and techniques
  • Ability to apply skills and techniques that have worked for others and will work for you
  • A happier more fulfilled life
  • Understanding and removing limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold you back
  • The development of new empowering beliefs and behaviours
  • Understanding and managing the source of recurring problems and obstacles in your life
  • Better financial health
  • Better relationships: at work, at home, with friends, with family
  • Improved life skills in general for all areas of your life
  • Increased productivity, better time management
  • The ability to self-coach

What can you expect from your coach?

  • Total focus on you and your goals and dreams
  • No criticism, no judgment just a safe place to grow and develop
  • Complete focus on your goals
  • Acceptance and respect
  • Unconditional understanding
  • A champion who believes in you and your dreams and ambitions
  • Someone who challenges you when you talk yourself down and encourages you not to accept second best
  • Someone who enables you to come to a much deeper understanding of yourself
  • Someone who helps you accelerate your personal development
  • Adherence to a code of ethics
  • Complete confidentiality

What is required from YOU for coaching to be successful?

  • Commitment to the process and to taking action
  • Willingness to make changes and grow
  • Regular attendance at coaching sessions
  • Daily practice of skills and use of tools